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Review – Radio Stations in Bangalore

Category : Blog Dec 28th, 2010

I reviewed a few pages today morning, analyzing the content and wondering if these are answering questions of identity – who, what and how. Who - the identity, what – are they doing, also what are they serving on the website and how - does user accomplish the services provided on the site.

To start the review i looked at all Radio FM websites online in Bangalore. Then i started analyzing what content was displayed in form of navigational links and the homepage links.

The sites i reviewed included,


Category : Blog Dec 16th, 2010

Defined in Wikipedia as “Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people and animals orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place”. Wayfinding in architecture can be described as instructional boards maintained in physical spaces to help people navigate. For instance Way finding boards in the airport or a mall would provide information on where to find what and where we currently are.

This concept in navigational design helps answer some important questions.

Ideas for a Browser widget

Category : Blog Dec 15th, 2010

In my daily experience on the internet I frequent some sites on a regular basis. These include my internet mail accounts, my social networking sites and a few news and entertainment sites. I also use the search engines frequently to look for different types of information.

Expert Reviews

Category : Blog Dec 14th, 2010

Parallel Design for enterprise software

Category : Blog Dec 14th, 2010

With the parallel design method, several people create an initial design from the same set of requirements. Each person works independently, and when finished, shares his/her concepts with the group.

How effective would parallel design method be in a enterprise product market?

User Mental Models

Category : Blog Dec 8th, 2010

Social media is merging personal and official lives

Category : Blog Dec 7th, 2010

Is this really happening. Social media more than ever brings out the true personal lives in the online domain. At the same time we have corporates with a presence in social media. Does this mean, we are slowly merging our personal and official lives?

Interaction Design Process

Category : Blog Dec 7th, 2010

Planning to list and describe interaction design methods that are commonly/ uncommonly used with and without the user involvement in design!

  • Affinity diagramming
  • Expert Reviews
  • Task Analysis
  • Card sorting
  • Cognitive Walkthroughs
  • think aloud
  • Story boarding
  • Low fidelity prototypes
  • High fidelity prototypes